Application of Polyacrylamide in Water Treatment

Mar 04, 2024

Polyacrylamide (PAM for short) is widely used in water treatment. Here are some common application scenarios:


1. Clarify sewage: PAM can be added to sewage as a flocculant. By forming flocs of large particles, it promotes the settlement of suspended solid particles, thereby achieving a clarification effect. This is commonly used in wastewater treatment plants to remove suspended solids and improve water quality.


2. Sludge dehydration: PAM can be used as a flocculant and dewatering agent in the sludge treatment process. Through flocculation and bridging, it combines water with sludge particles to form larger agglomerates, thereby increasing the sludge concentration. Dehydration speed and efficiency.


3. Raw water treatment: PAM can combine with suspended solids in raw water containing particulate matter to form larger agglomerates and increase the weight of particulate matter, thereby facilitating subsequent filtration and separation processing.


4. Hydraulic fracturing: Hydraulic fracturing is a commonly used method in oil field mining and groundwater extraction. PAM can be used as a viscosity-increasing agent in hydraulic fracturing fluid to increase the viscosity and viscosity of the fluid and increase the sand-carrying capacity of the hydraulic fracturing fluid, so that the fracturing fluid can better transport sand particles into the fractures and improve the mining effect.


5. Soil consolidation and improvement: PAM can be used in soil consolidation and improvement projects. By combining with soil particles to form aggregates, PAM can improve the physical properties of the soil and increase its stability and resistance to erosion. It is widely used in construction projects, water conservancy projects and land management.


It should be noted that the application of PAM needs to be adjusted and optimized according to the specific situation, including appropriate type and dosage, as well as reasonable processing methods. In addition, environmental and safety requirements should be paid attention to when using PAM to ensure its compliance and sustainability.

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