Application of Polyacrylamide in Incense Making

Mar 18, 2024

Polyacrylamide, a type of synthetic polymer, has several applications in various industries, but it is not commonly used in incense making. Traditional incense formulations typically consist of natural ingredients such as aromatic resins, herbs, spices, and binders. 


Polyacrylamide is primarily known for its use in the water treatment industry, where it is used as a flocculant to remove suspended solids from wastewater. It can also be found in various other applications, including papermaking, textiles, mining, petroleum extraction, and agriculture.


In the context of incense making, binders are used to hold together the raw materials and create the desired shape and consistency. Common binders in incense production include natural gums, resins, and wood powders. These materials provide the needed adhesion and combustibility without introducing synthetic polymers like polyacrylamide.


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